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Career Path:

As we grow the opportunities for achievers within Sherman will also enhance. We offer you the chance to apply your mind to profit because growth, here will not be based on traditional benchmarks – you will be in control and your performance will determine everything.

For those who want to
  • grow financially and not based on traditional benchmarks
  • get global exposure to hone their skills.
  • improve strategic, selling and execution skills
  • work with latest technology
  • work in a professionally free environment
  • deal with the biggest names in the Indian industry
  • work with trend setting International manufacturing entities in that business
  • take ownership & take on responsibility in every sense of the word
  • contribute to an organization’s growth
  • feel recognized & feel ‘a part of’ its overall development
  • develop overall as a complete human, not only as a professional
  • lead a ‘balanced’ life with equal time for family, and for work &
  • build a sense of security in one’s professional life

a path in Sherman can provide rewarding challenges and rapid career growth. For some, it is a majority of the entire professional career; for others, it is a career that may start in Marketing & Sales, but lead to a business manager of one of our significant businesses. For example, one engineer who started as simple sales engineer marketing thermocouples after constantly achieving top sales results for 2 years was promoted to take on a new initiative. After extensive training in the US and EUROPE he was asked to drive more Sherman content into a different product channel working with analyzers and managing a separate business for Sherman and with it, a team of sales and service engineers.

Some other reasons to work for us are: BENEFITS - We provide competitive benefits. At Sherman, you will progress in an environment that attracts excellent talent, creates challenging assignments, offers competitive rewards, and fosters constructive communication. Sherman gives you the environment to do it by rediscovering many of your hidden talents. An opportunity for contribution and recognition has never been so real… you’ll get an opportunity to work with High technology products with impeccable quality standards. The range of products and their value proposition for a very diversified market would overwhelm. GREAT PEOPLE - At Sherman, you will interact with high-caliber people every day. You will have the chance to team with some of the most intelligent, creative, capable, and accomplished individuals around. You will be part of a dynamic, hard-working team dedicated to being the best. CHALLENGING ASSIGNMENTS - You will find work at Sherman to be meaningful. You can expect long-term assignments that have a positive impact on India, the industry, the customer - and you. We offer a wide variety of exciting technologies for you to work with and for - throughout your career. COMPETITIVE REWARDS - When you succeed, Sherman notices your efforts. We look for and reward great performance. We link pay directly to your contribution. You will profit from the chance of interacting with our Principals who are amongst the top global companies in technology, profits and market share. INTEGRITY AND FEEDBACK - Employees at Sherman are encouraged for ‘upward communication’. Employees expect direct and candid feedback and they are encouraged to give it to their supervisors, peers, and direct juniors as well. We embrace the highest standards of integrity, and we are unreservedly straightforward in the interest of getting the job done right. Our no-nonsense approach to communication helps drive our company forward in the pursuit of its objectives.